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episode 47

Episode 47: Starship Farragut

This week Aaron and Eric interview John Broughton and Paul Sieber from Starship Farragut. John and Paul tell us about the history of their project and their current Kickstarter Campaign for their next episode The Crossing. If you can donate to this wonder franchise please do so at Join us as we once again …

episode 44

Episode 44: Star Trek Continues Ep 3

Eric and Aaron join forces once again to discuss the third installment of Star Trek Continues – The Fairest of Them All.  We’ll also discuss recent Star Trek news and ask the Star Trek community what they would name Starfleet’s A.I. Computer Interface. So, grab some Warnog or a Vulcan Ale as …


Episode 40: Transporter Accidents

Aaron and Eric take over transporter duty in the 40th episode of the Starfleet Escape Podcast. In this episode we’ll go over Transporter accidents and oddities throughout the nearly 50 year run of the Star Trek franchise. The crew will also discuss recent Star Trek news and ask the Star …


Episode 28: In The Mirror, Soundly

Due to a transporter malfunction Aaron, Eric, and Marty find themselves discussing the Mirror Universe in episode 28 of the Starfleet Escape PodCast “In The Mirror, Soundly.” In our episode we discuss “ENT: In a Mirror, Darkly” and “TOS: Mirror, Mirror.” In this paranoid and brutal universe we will examine the plots of these …