Episode 28: In The Mirror, Soundly


Due to a transporter malfunction Aaron, Eric, and Marty find themselves discussing the Mirror Universe in episode 28 of the Starfleet Escape PodCast “In The Mirror, Soundly.” In our episode we discuss “ENT: In a Mirror, Darkly” and “TOS: Mirror, Mirror.” In this paranoid and brutal universe we will examine the plots of these stories, technology, and uniforms.

Grab yourself a raktajino and activate your subspace radios as we escape into the Star Trek Universe on the Four Eyed Radio/Podcast Network.
Also check out our show notes for links and other information you might have missed:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 28: In The Mirror, Soundly

  1. You guys and the people at /r/DaystromInstitute/ don’t care about the novels at all, huh? I love trek and lament that we won’t be getting more so I’ve spent the last several years readying all the relaunch series (Voyager, TNG, DS9, Enterprise) and the are really enjoyable. I even read through the mirror novels (http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Mirror_universe#Novels) since there is some crossover with the DS9 ones. They are worth the read and address many of the questions raised by this podcast.

    1. Thanks for your comment Dan. We usually focus on canon Trek (anything seen on screen) but are planning to go over some novels in future podcasts. Since there were so many DS9 mirror universe episodes we felt they deserved their own podcast and will be doing one focused on that in the near future. Thanks for listening and we hope you’ll enjoy our upcoming episodes! -Aaron

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