Supplemental: STC – Divided We Stand

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This is Supplemental Commentary – Divided We Stand
Star Trek Continues Episode 5

We are watching the episode on the Star Trek Continues website, the video is hosted on Vimeo. To find this episode go to and click on the thumb nail for “Divided We Stand, Episode 5”. We will pause the video at 0 seconds and when we say play, press the play button to be sure we are all synced to the same part of the episode. (please note buffering times may vary and cannot guarantee we will be synced at the same place as you are)


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2 thoughts on “Supplemental: STC – Divided We Stand

  1. I enjoyed the commentary, you had some really nice observations. My favorite STC episode is Lolani, but this one is a close second. One cool reveal is that according to the music scoring vid , Uhura’s Charlie-X theme is actually based on a Civil War song called “Johnny is my Darling”, and it was used as Billy’s theme in “Divided We Stand”.

    I’m also a Farscape fan so I’m really looking forward to Gigi Edgley in episode 6. I hope you continue these commentaries on future STC episodes.

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