Episode 58: Renegades Review

In episode 58 of the Starfleet Escape PodCast Eric and Aaron give an honest and uncensored review of the independent fan film – Star Trek: Renegades.

Grab a cup of coffee as we set course once again to escape into the Star Trek Universe with the crew of the Starfleet Escape PodCast.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 58: Renegades Review

  1. I’m about 24 minutes into listening to your podcast (this is the second one I’ve listened to and I’m quite enjoying it) and I think it’s SO funny that you’re talking about Tuvok’s enlistment into Section 31. The reason is that I am currently working on a book that has a bit of a backstory which explains why, and how, Tuvok joined 31.

    As you might remember, when we first meet Tuvok on Voyager, he’s actually a Starfleet spy in the Marquis. I think, it was more of a matter of comfort for Janeway that he be the head of ship security on Voyager. And Chakotay was second in command in order to be a spokesperson for the Marquis crewmen. BUT, remember the first time Tuvok joined Starfleet? He was on the Excelsior (captained by Sulu), but he was a Junior Science Officer. So there’s an even bigger leap to get passed… how and why would a science officer rejoin Starfleet and choose a path that would lead him to be a spy?

    Well, my book plans to explain that. Ultimately, without giving too much away, it has to do with the loss of his mother when he was four years old. When he is old enough to join Starfleet, he went into the sciences to try and learn what he needed to know about her loss. But when science fails, he realizes he needs to learn more… he needs to know what secrets Section 31 has locked away about his mother and the nearly 200 other Federation members that went missing.

    Sound interesting? Well, in a couple of weeks (while I’m on vacation from my day job) I’ll be stuck to my seat writing a few more chapters. I enjoy writing short stories, but this is really my first jump into writing a full size novelization, so wish me luck. 🙂

    – John II

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