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Episode 55: The News Room

This just in: Clive from Some Kind of Star Trek joins Aaron in episode 55 of the podcast. In this all news episode the duo discuss the recent US Supreme Court Ruling and how it relates to Star Trek, recent updates from Star Trek Beyond, several fan productions, and Kickstarter campaigns. …


Episode 29: The 47s

Have you noticed it seems that the number 47 is used a LOT in Star Trek? Well, it isn’t by accident. Join us as we go over the last 47 years of Star Trek on film and why the number 47 is important in the Trek universe. Grab yourself a …


Episode 26

Our One Year Anniversary just past and we celebrate in this episode! We continue our Star Trek The Next Generation movie discussion with Star Trek Nemesis and what we would have liked to have seen in a fifth movie. The crew also reveal what you picked as your favorite TNG …