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Episode 38: The Gorn

Aaron and Eric are once again joined by Ashley as we do a species profile on the Gorn. Little on screen information concerning the Gorn exists so we have searched other resources including video games, comics, and novels to bring you this episode. We’ll also discuss recent Star Trek news …

The Game

As you’ve probably heard, we here at the podcast were very excited about the Star Trek video game that was released last month. I, Aaron, purchased the game the day of it’s release. To say that I was excited to play would be an understatement. Placing the disk in the …

Deleted Segment – Star Trek Games

Sometimes our podcast runs too long and we have to decide on segments that we need to cut out. Here is a segment from our 12th episode that didn’t quite make it, but is worth a listen. With no further ado – Real World Star Trek Games.