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June 2014


Episode 42: Star Trek Conventions

This week Eric, Ashley, and Aaron talk about their recent Star Trek convention experiences. Eric visited this year’s Chicago convention while Ashley and Aaron attended the Boston Convention. We will also discuss recent Star Trek news and ask the Star Trek community what their favorite convention memory has been. So, …

Trek Speaker

Want to be heard?

We now allow you to upload your own audio files to the site! This will allow you to become part of the show. You can answer the subspace channels question of the week or just say hi! We just ask that you remember that we have a no swearing policy. We …


Episode 41: All Good Things

This week Aaron is joined by Clive Burrell of the website Some Kind of Star Trek in our 41st episode of the Starfleet Escape Podcast. In this episode we’ll go over the final episode of Star Trek TNG entitled All Good Things… We will also discuss recent Star Trek news, ask the Star …


Supplemental: VOY – Nothing Human

Welcome to the Starfleet Escape PodCast on the Four Eyed Radio/Podcast Network, where we escape into the Star Trek Universe. This is a special supplemental for the Voyager episode “Nothing Human.” This episode of our podcast is a commentary track which is meant to be played with this Voyager episode. During …