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January 2013


Episode 13: Civilian Jobs

The Crew are back at it on episode 13! The “Trek-umvirate” discuss a Star Trek fan’s Craigslist post, J.J.’s defection to the Dark-side and our main topic… civilian jobs in Star Trek. So sit back as we escape into the Star Trek Universe. Also check out our show notes for links …


Episode 12: Entertainment

The crew is back together for our first episode of 2013! The Trek-umvirate talk about the games and other recreational activities seen in the Star Trek franchise. No tribbles were harmed in the making of this episode. Also check out our show notes for links and other information you might …


Deleted Segment – Star Trek Games

Sometimes our podcast runs too long and we have to decide on segments that we need to cut out. Here is a segment from our 12th episode that didn’t quite make it, but is worth a listen. With no further ado – Real World Star Trek Games.